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A modern woodworker

Sustainable practice is the underpinning principle of my work. In a culture so set in unsustainable ways, my intention is to challenge this concept, through the use of as much sustainably sourced, natural materials as possible, presenting an alternative to the throwaway society we currently live in.  

Through embracing the materiality of the medium, I celebrate the natural features of each piece of timber used through skilled craftsmanship; producing visually stimulating objects. 

I use a harmonised approach to design, allowing the material to have agency in the making process, working with and around interesting aspects of the grain, in order to best show them off in the final product.

Similarly, the joinery techniques I use throughout my designs are brought into the present using traditional methods; choosing to make well considered features out of the geometric joins in contrast to the natural patterns of the wood and raw bark. The dichotomy of both organic matter and refined techniques is presented in my work. 


I have created a series of objects that embody a modern, minimalist aesthetic, through utilising traditional craft skills. These skills I have cultivated become part of the functional purpose as well as ornamental aspects of each piece, in the interest of appealing to the modern market. 

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